"Hi Jeff, 

Kanye West rapped about the need to American Express myself… 
Sorry for the “corny” opening line… just wanted to get your attention and not waste your time… Let me get right to the point!

Want to be part of contextualizing delivery transformation for a global top consumer brand… how products are built and released, in a culture of a high tech start up with budget to build it how they want?
I like your profile… can we talk? Just hit reply, or call me at [redacted]

Hey, this is an EXCLUSIVE opportunity. You won’t hear about this from anyone else…. Start-up experience is a must!

Hope to hear from you- 



I’m just going to start posting all of the annoying recruiter emails I get on a daily basis …

Fear of Missing Out

Feel like a Wallflower? Maybe It’s your Facebook Wall

It’s known as FOMO, or “fear of missing out,” and refers to the blend of anxiety, inadequacy and irritation that can flare up while skimming social media like FacebookTwitter, Foursquare and Instagram. Billions of Twitter messages, status updates and photographs provide thrilling glimpses of the daily lives and activities of friends, “frenemies,” co-workers and peers.

This is such a problem and we’re just starting to realize it …

Digital magazine services closing up shop.

It’s quite unfortunate that people don’t care more about digital magazines …

The timing of Zinio’s capital raising efforts comes on the heels of the sale of Texterity, a digital magazine services provider, to Godengo, a company that has roots in regional magazine web development and now builds content management systems. 

It’s not necessarily a coincidence, but it is a very crowded market out there for digital magazine services and newsstand providers. 

In Texterity’s case, the company ran out of money before it could take the necessary next steps to fund growth plans.

… however I very clearly remember standing next to Texterity at a digital magazine expo, thinking to myself, this must be the most unoriginal/convoluted service ever. There were at least a dozen other companies at that expo doing the exact same thing. Taking static content from publishers and adding a layer of bullshit interactivity and calling it a revolutionary publishing platform. Barf.

I hope these digital magazine people find out some day that content is king and you must adapt to the new mediums if you want to survive. 

Steve Jobs On The Payoff Of A Great Employee

The following sound clip is amazing and so very true. This is one of the many reasons TENDIGI doesn’t outsource to any other countries. 25:1 is a great ratio and I think a lot of businesses and startups that outsource their software development are certainly nowhere near 25:1. There are language, cultural, and time-zone barriers that prohibit outsourced software teams from achieving that level of efficiency.

(Unfortunately this video is Flash)